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23 octobre, 2010

USA, San Francisco

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USA, San Francisco
Album : USA, San Francisco
You want to be in the middle of San Francisco, feeling the fog on your face and smelling the salt air. Imagine that your eyes were closed ...
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USA, San Francisco

You want to be in middle of San Francisco, felling the fog on your face and smelling the salt air, experiencing it on all at once. So, especially if you’ve flown into town, forget yout first glimpse of the outskirts. Imagine that your eyes are closed as you came north past the first ring of hills and into the city. Open them only when you are englfed by the city, when gradlands of trims of the faces of hillside Victorians resemble festoons of frosting on layers of wedding cake, when the fronds atop tropical palm trees melt into the summer mist, or when rays of afternoon sun bouncing off the windows of office buildings gleam like nuggets of gold, which was what the place was all about in the beginning. Text of Leah Garchik, San Francisco The City’s sights and secrets, Chronicle Books, Pictures of Vincent GUILLUY, july 2009.

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